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Developer Documentation

The Official Documentation has detailed explanations about getting started and working with the Hipercore framework.

Resource Portal has useful links and further resources.

What is HiperCiC?

HiPerCiC stands for High Performance Computing in Context. It is an initiative led by Professor Richard Brown where students rapidly prototype and develop web apps to fulfill the computational needs of St. Olaf's faculty and empower research with the latest cutting edge technology. The project boasts an interdisciplinary approach that pairs students who are experts in other fields, but may not have a CS background, with the skilled programmers than can bring their ideas to reality.


There have been dozens of completed HiperCiC apps. Here's a news article on one of such projects Some of the most notable ones are:

  • An interdisciplinary medical/economics project looked at 20 million patient data to analyze and find patterns. The HiperCiC web app made it possible to query, search through and analyze the data in seconds, when conventional techniques would have taken hours just to compute one search query.
  • Tim Howe, a history professor's innovative approach to archaeology has benefited from the development of an app to visualize in 3D the artifacts that would otherwise be inaccessible to historians worldwide.

Complete List of HiPerCiC apps

Want to get in touch?

Whether you're a professor/faculty member/student who would like to pitch an idea to be developed into an app, or if you'd like to get involved in the technical development and contribute to HiperCiC please shoot us an email at


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